The objective of the Southington Girls Softball League shall be to implant firmly in the children of the community, the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect so that they may be well adjusted, stronger, and happier children a
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·  Respect the fact that all members of the SGSL are volunteers.  This is especially important when dealing with the team managers and assistant managers who spend many hours for the welfare of the league and your daughter(s), as well as the umpires who, in many instances, are volunteers themselves.
·  Honor the position of authority, specifically the umpires who assist us to represent the league rules and oversee fair play by all teams, and the league officials who volunteer countless hours to provide the girls with a positive playing experience.
·  Recognize that all of our athletes are striving to do their very best.  Words of encouragement for all (even those who may make an error or two) are expected by managers, players and fans alike.
·  Cheer all achievements on the playing field and leave the booing to other leagues
·  Be a great role model for the players on all teams.
·  Remember that everyone at our park is one of our neighbors, and treat them with respect.
·  No alcohol may be consumed during games or practices, specifically at Panthorn park
·  No smoking will be allowed at the field during games or practices
·  No foul language or obscene gestures will be tolerated.
·  No displays of poor behavior are allowed, as they could result in the injury of players, managers or spectators, not to mention the damage to league equipment.
·  No arguments will be tolerated.  Seek a league official if a dispute must be settled, but do not embarrass yourself or, more importantly, your daughter.