The objective of the Southington Girls Softball League shall be to implant firmly in the children of the community, the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect so that they may be well adjusted, stronger, and happier children a
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It is the responsibility of the BOARD of DIRECTORS through the EXECUTIVE BOARD to hold Managers and Assistant Managers accountable to a certain code of conduct as outlined herein. To this purpose, this code of conduct should be used to guide both new and existing Managers and Assistant Managers through the process of teaching our young players to play the game of Softball.



It is the stated goal of the League to teach young women the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, how to win modestly and how to lose graciously. In addition, the teachings provided by Managers and Assistant Managers should instill the traits of self-discipline and compassion toward those less fortunate. What is most important is the overall experience of all participants in the league, which includes the players, their families, as well as the Managers and Assistant Managers in the league. Each Manager is responsible to hold themselves, all other adult participants, and spectators accountable to this code with the ultimate responsibility held by the BOARD of DIRECTORS.



  • Fun for the players:

    • Includes:

    • Equal play time opportunities

    • Equal play time infield versus outfield

    • Competitive / Balanced games

  • Fun for the families:

    • Includes:

    • Competitive / Balanced games

    • Multiple opportunities to be involved

  • Fun for the coaches/managers

    • Includes

    • Satisfaction through teaching

    • Satisfaction through team improvement




  1. These rules of conduct apply to ALL ADULTS regardless of whether they are managing or not. All Managers and Assistant Managers should try to be a positive influence with their comments and criticisms.


  1. NO Alcohol may be consumed either at the field or during practices.  Inebriated behavior is also NOT acceptable at any time either during a game or practice.


  1. All practices are to be held at Panthorn Park or other public schools/parks in Southington.  There are to be at least TWO adults at each practice.


  1. NO smoking on the field during games or practices. Note: Smoking is permitted in the designated areas. Please remember to discard all cigarettes prior to entering the field area.


  1. NO foul language or obscene gestures.


  1. NO displays of poor behavior which could result in damage to equipment/supplies or verbal/physical abuse of players, other Managers, or spectators.


  1. NO Arguments. Note: EVERYONE in the league is a volunteer and should be awarded the respect due to a person helping their community. Not everyone will agree on every subject, however, most disputes can be avoided by clear and open communication.


  1. If an umpire’s decision is to be questioned, it must be done in a reasonable and diplomatic manner by first requesting a TIME OUT.  Once TIME has been awarded, calmly discuss the rule interpretation.  Balls, strikes, or ANY judgment decision made by the umpire cannot be questioned. However, if a RULE INTERPRETATION cannot be answered to your satisfaction, the game may be protested according to PONY Rules. The league’s designated umpire-in-chief will handle all protests.


  1. It is the responsibility of each Manager and all Assistant Managers to uphold the code of conduct outlined above.


Manager’s Responsibilities


1. Practices

  • Players will be notified of their roster assignment at the League Meeting.

  • Practices must begin upon the designated date approved by the League.

  • Prior to the start of the season, the league encourages at least two practices per week.

  • Once the season starts, it is recommended that no more than two practices per week should be held.

  • All practices are to be held at Panthorn Park or other public schools/parks in Southington.  There are to be at least TWO adults at each practice.


2. Games

  • Prior to the start of the game, BOTH teams must set up the field. This includes lining the batters box and both foul lines as well as obtaining the game ball from the equipment shed. The field should also be inspected by BOTH Managers to ensure safe play.

  • During the game, only 4 people - the Manager, two Assistant Managers, and a scorekeeper - are allowed in the dugout area.

  • During the game/season, it is the responsibility of the Manager to ensure:

    • All players are given an equal chance to play in every game with a minimum of 3 innings, according to league rules

    • All players are given the opportunity to play different positions throughout the year

    • All players are given the chance to bat in each game.


3. Batting Cages

  • Each team in the Major, Senior High Division will be assigned a designated time slot for using the batting cages during the season. Open time slots will be available for Minor division teams wanting to use the batting cages. If a Major, Senior or Big Division team is unable to use the batting cage during their designated time slot, please notify the person responsible for the batting cage so that it may be made available for others to use.

    • The team utilizing the batting cage is responsible for all setup and closing of the batting cage when finished. Note: Do not assume that the next team assigned to the batting cage will arrive. If they do not arrive prior to your team leaving, close the batting cage as required.



Specific complaints regarding any Manager or Assistant Manager must be brought to the attention of the EXECUTIVE BOARD. If the complaint is found to have merit, punishment will be handed out as follows:


  • First Offense - Warning and/or work detail assignment as deemed necessary by the league


  • Second Offense - One game suspension and/or work detail assignment as deemed necessary by the league


  • Third Offense - Expulsion from the league.


All expulsions MUST be voted on by the BOARD of DIRECTORS. Anyone being considered for expulsion will remain under suspension until there is a meeting with the BOARD of DIRECTORS. At such a meeting, the offending party will be offered time to rebut the charges brought against him/her. 


Immediate suspension of any participant may be deemed necessary by the EXECUTIVE BOARD depending upon the severity of the particular infraction, without regard to the above-mentioned penalties.